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Since I was a young girl, I disliked the nickname “Kathy” for myself. I went by KittyKat, or Kat or even Kafween, but NEVER Kathy. I remember not liking Barney because there was a girl on the show named Cathy…
It is now, in my 25th year of life that I realize why it is so… I talk a lot. I am very sociable. I can ramble. I can gab. Some even say that I talk too much. (nonsense)
But yes, I am A Chatty Kathy, for I, Kathleen, will talk until you can not bear it any longer. The more caffeine I ingest, the more words I expel.  
The rule is however, that my bitchy alter-ego is named Kathy because for someone to actually call me that name, I will burn their soul with my eyes….

stylish and chatty.

i have no pants on



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Perf ♥


mom: *talks*

me: *stares off at something*

mom: “you’re not following me”

me: huh? oh no, i’m too busy staring into Logan’s eyes <3

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He is just too perfect!!!

Ahhh Logan!!! <3

Seeing him just brightens my day!

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"When you’re in starvation, your body is eating your own muscle tissue, your own fat and the organs, so you feel all your muscles literally like they’re being chewed off."

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